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CNJ Home Builders is committed to delivering the highest quality constructed homes on the market. We strive to deliver a quality new home at an affordable price. Our team has over 25 years of experience building single-family homes in Florida. Purchasing a new home can be an exciting and anxious time. Your new home is most likely the largest purchase you will make. You can be assured that a CNJ home is a quality investment. Our dedication to details and craftsmanship supplies an extra layer of confidence for your purchase. We believe that every new home built needs to meet the ultimate standard of "LIVABILITY". To us, livability starts with good design, that is functional and complimented with quality construction. CNJ does not build custom homes, instead, we build homes that meet the expectations of today's buyers, are a good investment, and ultimately meet the high standard of livability.

Available Home Designs

Bayonne Home Design


CNJ Home Builders Model

1,600 Sqft

Devonshire Home Design


CNJ Home Builders Model

1,600 Sqft

Norcross Home Design


CNJ Home Builders Model

1,600 Sqft


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